Gardaland Oktoberfest, From 17th September to 2nd October

Make sure you don’t miss this event if you love Bavarian food, drinks and specialties plenty of fun and tasty events not to be missed in a truly unique setting!

From the 17th September to the 2nd October every Guest of Italy’s Number 1 Amusement Park will be able to enjoy the fun and the happiness of one of the most beloved celebrations in Europe: back at Gardaland, by popular demand, the second edition of Gardaland Oktoberfest!

Thanks to an event studied up to the smallest detail – with the particular theming and the quality “food & wine” offer, along with the rich variety of shows and attractions, there will be fifteen days of unforgettable celebrations to experience all the folklore and the charm of the most typical Bavarian tradition: the catchiest tunes, fun shows, parades, musical bands, concerts and, most importantly, delicious traditional meals accompanied by… rivers of fantastic beer!

The opening hours of the Park will be from 10 Am to 6 PM, except for the days of Saturday 17th and 24th September and the 1st October with a special opening until 10 PM. From 5 PM the entry ticket will cost € 19.00 (single rate).

Prezzemolo, Gardaland’s mascot, will symbolically mark the beginning of the great party: every day, at the beginning of the Park’s day, he will show up – dressed in the typical Bavarian costume – welcoming Guests with a group of happy dancers and he will invite them to start a path in the colourful world of Gardaland Oktoberfest to fully embrace, first hand, its typical atmosphere, among dances, yodels and plenty of laughter.

Decorations with gigantic jugs, fluttering flags, scenic blocks of beer barrels places along the roads of the Park will accompany the guests towards the heart of the great party… Live music entertainment to the sound of accordions will galvanise the atmosphere while skilful coachmen on colourful coaches pulled by horses will give away frothing jugs of delicious beer, just like they traditionally do in the region. A beautiful parade of dancers wearing the traditional outfit will roam the streets of the Park and will arrive in Piazza Valle dei Re (Valley of Kings Square). A show that must not be missed!

The heart of the party will indeed be in Piazza Valle dei Re where, as per tradition of the famous folk festival, live music will be played and Guests will enjoy the typical delicious Bavarian courses and the ever-present beer. On a specially setup stage, the Bavarian orchestra Kapunziner Bier Bandwill animate the lively extravaganza for the whole length of the event.


Dazzling are the numbers of Gardaland Oktoberfest: several will be the benches and tables welcoming all the Guests in Piazza Valle dei Re, for over 800 seats; 14 will be the spots where pints will be pulled while waiters wearing traditional outfits will be serving up to 3,000 jugs of as many as four types of magnificent beers:


Pilsner Urquell: a unique and seductive beer that has over 170 years of history, with careful selection of the best ingredients. Its taste is full and intensely hoppy.

Grolsch Weizen: is a “Hefeweizen” that owes its excellent quality to the selection of the best ingredients and to the use of a single variety of wheat malt. Its taste is fruity and it possess a straw yellow colour.

Gran Riserva Rossa: beer of excellent quality produced with 100% Italian malt: its taste is full-bodied and it is characterised by a warm flavour of malt and caramel.

Gran Riserva Doppio Malto: Italian bock beer, obtained thanks to scrupulous selection of the finest variety of aromatic hop, yeast and 100% Italian malt.

The cuisine, with all its dishes, will also enrich and reinforce the atmosphere in terms of happiness, desire to stay together and to have a good time! Like in a captivating gastronomic challenge you will be able to savour delicious typically Bavarian recipes, such as the classic pretzels; there will also be delicacies such as speck with grana cheese and yummy gherkins, pork shins, Nuremberg sausage, tasty chicken drumsticks and… massive würstel! All of this accompanied by krauts, chips and sauces of your choice: ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard and barbecue sauce.

In conclusion: an unmissable event to experience, in a unique setting, an unforgettable experience, a truly different way to stay together and to spend one or more days in an environment rich in live shows, songs, typical dances, fascinating musical and folkloristic procession. In other words, a great, spectacular kermesse for Gardaland Oktoberfest! 

To best experience the unforgettable Gardaland Oktoberfest and to purchase entry tickets to the Park for the entire period you can visit the link

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