Andrea Iannone tester for Gardaland’s new addition for 2017 SHAMAN

Andrea Iannone tester for Gardaland’s new addition for 2017 SHAMAN

Andrea Iannone, a very special tester for Gardaland’s new addition for 2017 - SHAMAN
From the breath-taking curves of MotoGP to the tailspins on SHAMAN, the Rollercoaster with Virtual Reality

To officially test SHAMAN, the new addition for 2017 from Italy’s Number 1 Park, a very special tester has arrived at Gardaland: Andrea Iannone, one of the most celebrated MotoGP champions, both at national and international level, along with being the new pilot of Suzuki ECSTAR.

Thanks to Virtual Reality viewers applied to the Park’s iconic Rollercoaster, SHAMAN will offer an extraordinarily immersive adventure. And who better than one of the fastest motorcycle racers, a man who lives by adrenaline and who loves sinuous tracks with fast-paced curves and accelerations, to test this attraction? 

Born in 1989, Andrea Iannone, alias The Maniac, loves adrenaline and new challenges. “Dare, always dare” is his motto. This is what lies behind the courage to partake in breath-taking feats – both riding a two-wheeled speed king on a racing track and on the new attraction that Gardaland will introduce to its Guests on the next 8th of April.

In an atmosphere that resembled a paddock - guided by a team of engineers and mechanics of the entertainment kind - the top class racer literally dove into another dimension. Wearing Virtual Reality viewers he sprang into the middle of SHAMAN’s spectacular adventure, through the flight of an eagle that let him brave the mysterious boundaries of the world of spirits of Native Americans.

Lights are about to turn green, everybody is getting ready for this extraordinary adventure; from now on this Rollercoaster won’t be the same again! A 360° sensorial experience, a journey full of solicitations and surprising visual and sound effects took the special tester into a totally unexplored dimension. To the tune of an evocative shamanic music Iannone wore the viewers and started visiting, one step at a time, the fantastic world of spirits of the Native Americans.

Andrea Iannone tester for Gardaland’s new addition for 2017 SHAMAN

Virtually transported on the back of an eagle – instead of aboard his beloved motorbike - Iannone faced the first half of the track surrounded by rocks and by imposing totems similar to those that can be found on the Rocky Mountains. In a crescendo of emotions and magic, every element of the physical world present inside the Virtual Reality came alive; animals symbols of Native American culture such as the bear and the eagle suddenly materialised, accompanying the transition from the “real” world to the world of spirits through a magic portal represented by a gigantic dreamcatcher. And on he went, plunging down in the most exciting of journeys!

After such a breath taking ride the words of an expert racer like Iannone can be seen as a formidable preview of the emotions that SHAMAN will deliver to its visitors: “I never expected a Rollercoaster to have this effect on me, I really felt like I was on the back of an eagle.”

He also added: “Virtual Reality applied to a Rollercoaster is something incredible that I had never tried before; it offers great emotions and I am really enthusiastic about it!SHAMAN lets you enter a mysterious and captivating world […] Speed and adrenaline are definitely elements in common between our world – the MotoGP – and the world of SHAMAN”. And this is coming from a champion!

Andrea Iannone tester for Gardaland’s new addition for 2017 SHAMAN

Luca Marigo, Sales & Marketing Director, enthusiastic about the creation, declared: ”Just like it was for Iannone aboard SHAMAN, passengers will find themselves in a crescendo of emotions… the double loop, the two side tailspins and the final helix characterising the attraction will become out and out aerial acrobatics. The experience will be truly unique: a mix of adrenaline offered by the attraction’s track and compelling visual and sound effects thanks to the Virtual Reality element.”