Tutankhamon Restaurant at Gardaland Adventure Hotel

At Tutankhamon Restaurant history takes centre stage!

A gastronomic journey across Ancient Egypt in the name of quality food in the new restaurant of Gardaland Adventure Hotel open also to those not staying at the hotel

On the banks of the Garda Lake we have been breathing, for quite some time, an atmosphere of ancient history thanks to the inebriating perfumes of oriental spices and the warmth of ancient Egypt, which can be found in the cuisine of the brand new Tutankhamon Restaurant. This catering offer by Gardaland Adventure Hotel has recently opened its doors also to people not staying overnight at the hotel.

Welcoming those Guests, looking for the most original of adventures, there are hieroglyphics, statues and mummies, a great room where walls and columns narrate the civilisation born on the banks of the Nile, where you can experience the feeling of being inside an ancient Egyptian temple, immediately catapulted inside the history of the great pharaohs.

This highly original restaurant lets you savour delicious meals with an unforgettable taste: dining under the eye of Anubi, being led through history by a young explorer who involves everyone, each night, in a quest to discover the pharaoh’s treasure, discovering the pleasure of quality delicacies. Those are all the ingredients that will make a night at Tutankhamon Restaurant truly unforgettable!

Gardaland Resortadds an important element to the creation of a 360° experience. Starting from this year, joining the existing Hotel, Gardaland Adventure Hotel offers – with its 100 themed rooms – and the adjacent Tutankhamon Restaurant, adventure and fun beyond the walls of the Park. A “totalising” experience to accompany and involve guests in every moment of the day, a journey where you can free your fantasy while comfortably sitting at your table with ancient Egyptians and in the comfort of a Jungle, West, Arctic or Arabian themed room.

In the brand new restaurant Guests can choose – from the à la carte menu – dishes from the Mediterranean tradition and those typically Egyptian, all revisited by the personal touch of chef Dario Stragapede, who utilises superior raw materials: biological, “zero food miles” fruit and vegetables, fresh non-farmed fish, meat from the COALVI consortium, cooked at low temperatures to preserve their characteristics and fresh pasta made specifically for the Tutankhamon Restaurant. A gastronomic path – from starters to desserts – where nothing is left to chance, among dishes of unique flavour where two different cultures come together giving birth to delicious, fresh and internationally alluring preparations.

The desire of chef Dario Stragapede to mix oriental and Mediterranean influxes – satisfying the preferences of every Guest – gives birth to truly original recipes. And so it happens that Falafel Egiziani (Egyptian Falafels) are not only prepared with Egyptian peas, but also with the addition of fava beans and green peas, a whipping cumin note, served on a bed of vegetables and accompanied by yogurt sauce while the Cous Cous Osiride is made with fish cooked at low temperature and served with Camone tomato. The royal crab salad (Portata di Cheope) is served with Egyptian peas, avocado, dried tomato and wild salmon – cold-smoked and marinated in-house; in the piatto di Geb (Geb dish) we can find truffle gills dressed with vanilla-flavoured oil; the dish is then enhanced by tomato compote, burrata mozzarella and spinach crudité.

But the menu has also got in store many elaborate, revisited versions of flavours. How about the Gnocchi del Tempio (Temple gnocchi) made of fresh potatoes with fish of the day, confit cherry tomatoes, thyme and Bronte pistachios? Or the Elogio a Ramesse (Eulogy of Ramesse) ravioli with thyme-flavoured lamb filling (personal creation of the chef) creamed with violet aubergine and plum tomatoes? And plenty more fantasy and attention, for a refined and healthy cuisine, can be found also in the second courses, where we can appreciate the uniqueness of Egyptian delicacies such as the Shish Aton, a skewer with lamb, chicken, turkey and vegetables served with typical sauces like Labneh and Muttabel, or the Hamburger Koftha where lamb meat is substituted by spiced Fassona meat. More traditional dishes, made of fresh fish of the day – grilled or fried – are also available, along with the typical tagliata of beef, cooked and served on lava stone. 


The restaurant also offers an ample choice of gourmet pizzas – cooked directly on the stone of a wooden oven – prepared with biological mixes and top-notch ingredients such as black truffle, fresh red tuna carpaccio, IGP Piedmont hazelnut oil and almonds. Two are the dough mixtures on offer: the first one is the typically Mediterranean one for those looking for the texture of the typical Italian pizza that derives from crafting a precise mixture of biological flour of soft and durum wheat paired with natural yeasts; the mixture is subject to a slow leavening process. There is then the Khorasan dough mixture, formed by a special mixture of stone-ground biological flours, among which we can find Khorasan wheat flour, also known as the pharaoh’s wheat, a cereal of superior quality cultivated biologically and rich in healthy nutritional properties; developed with natural yeasts is it also subject to slow leavening.

Completing the menu we have an accurate selection of local and national wines, along with artisanal cask ale.

Special menus for celiac people will be available on request, along with delicious alternatives, to be agreed with the chef, in the event of other possible intolerances. For more information http://www.gardalandadventurehotel.it

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