The Hyperion Mega Coaster Premiere and the 4th Birthday of Energylandia

The Hyperion Mega Coaster Premiere and the 4th Birthday of Energylandia

This Saturday, on 14 July at 6:00 PM, the Energylandia Amusement Park in Zator will host the Pre-premiere of our newest Roller Coaster, the HYPERION! It is the biggest Mega Coaster in the whole of Europe. The height of this structure is 77 metres, and the first drop will be 80 metres long and have an 84-degreee slope, culminating in an entrance to an enormous tunnel.  The speed of the cars will be faster than permitted on Polish motorways, and reach 142 km/h. We guarantee excitement not only at the start, but also throughout the entire 1.5 kilometre of the ride. For those who wish to soar in the clouds, the Swiss company Intamin brought zero gravity, and other unexpected gravity effects, track inclines and double turns! You can also expect amazing positive and negative load factors as well as exhilarating speed when climbing on an incline, sliding into curves, and, of course, rolling down. All adrenaline seekers will surely find what they are looking for on the Hyperion, and with two cars seating 28 riders, there will surely be enough space for all the roller coaster enthusiasts. The seats are arranged in 7 rows of 4 seats each. And it’s not just the structure, the Hyperion station has been designed to resemble an abandoned research space station. The visual effects are captivating from the very start.

The Premiere of the Hyperion Mega Coaster for the Park visitor takes place at 8:00 PM, and coincides with the 4th Birthday of the Energylandia Amusement Park which will be celebrated throughout the whole weekend of the 14 and 15 July! There are 4 thousand birthday party favours waiting for our visitors during that weekend! We will also have cake and a champagne glass as a welcome, in addition to the kids’ favourite FOAM PARTY!

On top of all that, on the first day of the celebration (14 July), and for the first time this season, Energylandia invites you to enjoy its attractions until midnight! At 8:00 PM at the Water Park will be launching the BEACH PARTY, or party at our incredible pools in the company of the best DJs of the Energy 2000 clubs as well as the stars of the hit Warsaw Shore show.

Those who decide to arrive in the evening can take advantage of the 50% rebate on the ticket price, beginning from 8:00 PM (standard ticket price is 59 PLN, discounted ticket is 34 PLN).
This is an exceptional opportunity to enjoy all the beautifully illuminated roller coasters, carrousels, slides and other attractions.  

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