Mirabilandia inaugurates the new themed area Far West Valley

Mirabilandia inaugurates the new themed area Far West Valley

Far West Valley: the new themed area for the fun of the whole family…A world to discover, with great attractions and epic adventures!

Mirabilandia, the largest amusement Park in Italy, presents the new themed area Far West Valley, a project entirely conceived to grant fun and entertainment to families and inspired to the legendary far west. The new area will take a surface of 19.000 square metre.


The legend of the Far West Valley tells the story of a group of colonists, who, after a long journey from the old continent, finally found the perfect place to settle: Mirabilandia!  These specific colonists where really different from all the other one. In fact they were not looking for glory, gold or money, but they were looking … for the greatest fun! And still today, in Mirabilandia Far West Valley  younger and older guests can enjoy a perfectly rebuilt town of the old west, to live unforgettable moments thanks to the many attractions inspired to the symbols and characters of this adventurous world.  


Among the heroes who have decided to settle in the Valley there are: Buffalo Bill who taught the colonists how to domesticate the wild horses and had fun with them organising rodeos. It was Buffalo Bill who built the new disk coaster Buffalo Bill rodeo that will enable the visitors to ride a horse and be the protagonist of a rodeo on a rotating disk turning and running over an 80mt rail, reaching 13mt of height.

An adventure for the whole family, in the midst of cowboys and horses, a ride towards the unknown… towards the old west!


The colonists had just settled in the valley, when the proud Native Americans arrived. At the beginning it was hard to trust each other but then they found an agreement: have fun together!

The brave Apache leader Geronimo taught the inhabitants of the valley how to climb on big sequoia and built “Geronimo”, the new attraction for everyone! Two interactive towers, 9 mt of height, where  younger and older guests can challenge each other on a climbing competition thanks to ropes and pulleys.

Native Americans revealed to the inhabitants of the valley another one of their favourite hobbies: jump down from the cliffs or fly free like their big Totem bird. Together with the colonists they built “Aquila Tonante”; a new kite flyer that will give guests the sensation of flying free among canyons. Families can go on board of a special two-seater board, facedown, open their arms and swing, flying at 6mt of height!


In Far West Valley, colonists found a gold vein and built mines to extract the precious metal. But Gold Digger mines in Mirabilandia are fun: a wild mouse coaster with mine shaped wagons that runs with jerks and twitches, speeds up and slows down on a track full of unexpected bends!


The real turning point was finding oil. The black gold was protected in wells and the wells were then  fortified by building the Oil towers: two towers for oil extraction, raising high in the valley with their burning chimneys. With their 60 metres of height they are the highest free fall towers in Italy! One tower will shoot up the passengers at a speed of 80 km/h, the second will take the passengers up then let them fall free at a speed of 65 km/h. Two perfect attractions for thrill seekers!

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