Gardaland opening in Peppa Pig Land in 2018

Gardaland opening in Peppa Pig Land in 2018
Gardaland opening in Peppa Pig Land in 2018

Gardaland opening in Peppa Pig Land in 2018

At Gardaland – Italy’s Number 1 Amusement Park – 2018 is shaping up to a very exciting year with the opening of PEPPA PIG LAND a fully branded area will offer families the chance to visit Peppa’s house, meet with Peppa and George and enjoy three new fantastic rides: Peppa’s Big Balloon Ride, Grandpa Pig’s Train Ride and the Pirate Island Boat Ride.

Two great colourful gates will lead families into the brand new, fantastic PEPPA PIG LAND where they will be able to visit Peppa’s famous yellow house, climb aboard a pirate ship inside the Pirate Island Boat Ride, go on an adventure with Grandpa Pig’s Train Ride or take a flight on the multi-coloured hot air balloons of Peppa’s Big Balloon Ride to see how fascinating the park is from high above. This new area in Gardaland is inspired by the activities that Peppa and friends love to enjoy including playing games, dressing up, exploring the outdoor days and jumping in muddy puddles!


But the fun won’t end there… visitors will also have the chance to meet Peppa and George and jump in the famous “muddy puddles” – that the popular piggy loves so much. Guests will also be able to taking hilarious photos that they can share on social media and take home as a souvenir. The area will also include interactive activities and fun water games.


And after a fun day spent alongside Peppa and her family, visitors will be able to head to the  PEPPA PIG LAND gift shop, Mr Fox’s Supermarket, and choose from an array of plush, cups, magnets and plenty more so they can to relive all the fun at home that they enjoyed at the Park.


In Gardaland, PEPPA PIG LAND will be located next to Fantasy Kingdom and will offer young fans a fully immersive experience that brings to life the fun of Peppa Pig that has been enjoyed by families ever since it launched in Italy. The new area will also extend the Park’s offering for preschoolers that already includes Prezzemolo Land, Prezzemolo Magic Village and Kung Fu Panda Academy.


But the surprises won’t end here because Peppa Pig will also make her grand entrance at Gardaland Hotel, the quintessence of the worlds of fantasy, of dreams, of enchantment and of fairy tales in the hospitality sector. It is confirmed! From the very beginning of the season little guests will be able to enjoy a unique experience, with their whole family, spending a night inside the two brand new rooms that will reproduce the farm of the most famous piglet in the world. For one or more nights everyone will be able to feel like they are Peppa, Daddy and Mommy Pig or the little brother George! There will also be plenty of themed live entertainment at Gardaland Hotel: every night Peppa Pig will be taking the younger ones to dinner inside the perfectly themed area created inside Wonder Restaurant.


PEPPA PIG LAND is the result of the global partnership between Merlin Entertainments – of which Gardaland is a part of – and Entertainments One (eOne), the owner of the brand. Gardaland has developed, on an exclusive base, three unique rides inspired by the world of Peppa Pig and a vast themed area – unique in its kind – that takes young visitors on a journey into the magical world of Peppa Pig.


In Italy, Peppa Pig is adored by children but it is also appreciated by adults, thanks to its family-centred storylines and humour” explains Aldo Maria Vigevani, CEO Gardaland.This is why we have deemed the brand to be perfect for Gardaland. Our team has worked to create a truly compelling area, a magic and memorable destination where characters and settings of the television cartoon can come alive inside the Park to treat families to an unforgettable experience!”

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