Gardaland announces the new addition for 2017

Gardaland announces the new addition for 2017
Gardaland announces the new addition for 2017

Gardaland announces the new addition for 2017

Season 2016 still hasn’t finished, yet Gardaland already announces, for 2017, an exceptional new addition: Virtual Reality applied to the Park’s most iconic Rollercoaster!

For next season the popular Amusement Park has an innovative project in store, which will revolutionise completely the experience aboard Gardaland’s most legendary and iconic rollercoaster, made famous by its double loop, its double tailspin and its superfast final helix! This breath-taking high-speed journey, with its vertiginous descents, its side tailspins and its double loop will never be the same again!

Thanks to special viewers, Virtual Reality, applied to the popular Rollercoaster, will immerse the fearless passengers in a parallel reality: that’s where they will be enjoying the privilege of a unique and memorable experience, in an adventurous and unexpected world, where they will be first-person protagonists, reaching unprecedented levels of adrenaline.

Virtual Reality – applied to the Park’s most iconic Rollercoaster –will amplify an already intense physical experience, thanks to the immersive adventure provided by the new technology.

Virtual Realityis one of the fastest rising trends in the entertainment sector worldwide, with innumerable applications ranging from videogames to cinema. The sophisticated technology behind Virtual Reality lets you lead users inside alternative worlds, catapulting them elsewhere and allowing them to live experiences and adventures in first person, from a “subjective” point of view, in parallel realities that absorb him completely and make them at all times the centre of the action.

Only inside a Theme Park like Gardaland can you find the innovative combination of a Rollercoaster and Virtual Reality.

The topic of new frontiers in entertainment and the drive to offer increasingly more immersive experiences inside Amusement Parks is also dealt with in the latest annual report by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA).

By applying Virtual Reality to its most iconic Rollercoaster Gardaland is once again showing its ability to follow the latest trends and to solidly maintain its role, at European level, of leading force in the sector.

The new experience – Virtual Reality on a Rollercoaster – can be enjoyed from the very opening of season 2017.

So a memorable experience is awaiting Guests of Gardaland in 2017, thanks to the jaw-dropping combination of real thrilling aerial evolutions and an extraordinarily immersive adventure in a virtual world.

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